Freestyle Records Special


May 11, 2014 by Nigel

You can’t talk about the contemporary funk and soul scene without talking about Freestyle Records. Adrian Gibson (formerly of the Jazz Café in London) setup the label in 2003. Freestyle Records went from strength to strength and became one of the most consistent labels in the Funk and Soul scene. Gibson handed over label management duties to Greg Boraman (The Fantastics) in late 2008. Finally selling off the label to Kudos Records in 2010. Greg remains label manager and has full control over the Labels output.

This mix focuses on releases from around 2005-2010 featuring tracks from the likes of Speedometer, The Sound Stylistics, Randa and The Soul Kingdom, The Fantastics!, Cookin on 3 Burners and much more.

For more info on Freestyle Records and to purchase some of this great music visit the website at:

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