A Tribute to B.B King

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May 13, 2016 by Nigel

A Tribute to B.B KingA year ago today the King of the Blues, Mr B.B King passed away. To celebrate his life and music we bring you a mix featuring 14 of our absolute favourite B.B King records. All spun on original 45’s.

B.B King was arguably the finest Blues Guitarist the world has ever seen. An enigmatic performer, with an innate skill to play blues guitar from the soul, something that can’t be taught. B.B King was a rare thing, a true musical legend.

I first became aware of B.B King when I was 12 years old, back in the late 1980’s. I watched the U2 documentary “Rattle and Hum“. In the film B.B plays and sings on “When Love Comes To Town“, a song written for him by U2. I remember being instantly in awe of B.B King, a then 62 year old man. He was extremely humble and he played guitar in a way I had never heard before. Of course I rushed out and bought the single on vinyl and played it to death.

I parked the name B.B King in the back of my mind for many years before I revisited his music and have since become somewhat obsessed.

When Love Comes to Town” doesn’t feature on this selection as I’m not a fan of U2. But I am thankful for being introduced to B.B King’s music by them.

So here it is, what I consider to be the very best of B.B King. Thanks for listening.

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