Phil Chess, Chess Records co-founder dies at 95

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October 20, 2016 by Nigel

Phil Chess (Chess Records)Phil Chess co-founder of the legendary rhythm and blues record label Chess Records passed away yesterday at the age of 95. Phil set up Chess Records with his brother Leonard and was responsible for brining such greats as Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy and Etta James to the world.

Born in Poland in 1921, he moved with his family to Chicago in 1928. In 1950 Phil and Leonard set up Chess Records, releasing what was referred to as “race music” at the time. Later the music became more widely known as Rhythm and Blues and the label became the launch pad for many many successful Blues and R&B artists.

Chess Records was a huge influence on bands such as The Rolling Stones and set out the blueprint for Rock n Roll.

For more on Chess Records see this brilliant article by the Guardian and check out the Chess Records playlist below.

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