Guest Mix 018: Jan Harris

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December 28, 2017 by Nigel

For the 18th Music For Modern Living Guest Mix we are honoured to present Jan Harris.

Jan is a British ex-pat now living in the Netherlands for almost 30 years. Her passion for soul music began early on thanks to her parents record collection. Listening to The Four Tops at a very early age swinged her into Motown.

At 15 she was introduced to Northern Soul but having children and moving to the Netherlands meant she stopped listening to the music that had once possessed her to run up and down the UK to Allnighters.

For her 50th birthday celebration family held a Motown and Northern Soul party at an old allnighter venue she used to frequent. Needless to say passion was awakened.

She now travels all over Europe to events. Frustrated with the lack of a local scene she teamed up with another ex-pat Helen Waddington and they formed Amsterdam Soulful.

Amsterdam Soulful has now been running for just over 2 years and has an across the board soul policy with DJs spinning original vinyl only.

Jan doesn’t consider herself a DJ or even a collector for that matter. But we think differently, just check out this 60 minute set and you’ll hear her great taste in tunes.

Check out Amsterdam Soulful on Facebook.

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