Eclectic Soul Show Airs Final Episode

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May 29, 2018 by nigelgentry

They say all good things come to an end. But we can’t say that we weren’t hugely disappointed to hear that the Eclectic Soul Show broadcast it’s final episode a couple of weeks ago.

The weekly 2 hour show, hosted by Acid Jazz Records boss Eddie Piller has been a fixture on Soho Radio for the last 3 years. We’ve been avid listeners and in our humble opinion it’s been the best Soul music show on the airwaves. We’ll miss our weekly dose of Eclectic Soul Show goodies. From the rare and not so rare records, to the guests and Ed’s occasional rants! We’re hoping that someone fills the big void that will be left behind soon. Big shoes to fill indeed!

The final show was part of a week long series on Soho Radio called “Label Lodge presents Acid Jazz Records” and celebrated the labels 30th birthday. Check out the extended 4 hour Eclectic Soul Show below as well as other shows from the band Courdroy and Dom Williams.

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