Guest Mix 022: Darren Sykes

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November 10, 2018 by nigelgentry

For the 22nd mix in our Guest DJ Series we bring you one of the UK’s finest Soul DJ’s. The one and only Mr Darren Sykes.

Darren is one of the promoters behind the Manchester Soul Weekender and Let’s Dance Some Mo’ events. This mix has been a long time coming (Darren’s a busy man) and we are very grateful he has made the time to record this set for us … and what a set it is.

Darren’s passion for vinyl started very early in life after his auntie bought him an LP for Christmas. Fascinated with the whole concept and at around 10 years of age the collecting bug began. This quickly became a lifetimes work and obsession. His musical journey has and still does cover many genres. Soul music from the 60’s and 70’s right through to the current day.

Born and bred a proud Yorkshireman he attended a lot of events and gigs in the late 70’s and 80’s. Moving to Manchester in the 90’s was a game changer for Darren and opened up many doors of opportunity. Darren considers himself very fortunate to have DJ’d at some wonderful events home and abroad.

And in his own words “Music and the people that come with it are a massive part of my life and they never fail to put a smile on my face 😊 … we are truly blessed x”


Terry Callier – Look at me now
Willie Tee – First taste of hurt.
The Mighty Lovers – Mighty lover
Patti Jo – Stay away from me
Tommie Young – That’s all a part of loving him
The Hytones – Good news
Paramount Four – You don’t know
Lee Jennings – Going and get it
Oscar Tolbert – I can’t handle it
Lee Shot Williams – Love now pay later
Wendell Western – Nag on me
Liberation Street Singers – Love is in the air
Two People – Stop, leave my heart alone
Tony Clarke – No sense of direction
Charlie Wynn – Action time
Andy Marshall – Love transplant of your heart
Timmy Thomas – What’s bothering me
Sandra Richardson – After you give your all
Exits – You got to have money

Follow Darren Sykes on Mixcloud.

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