Randa & The Soul Kingdom – 2048

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July 10, 2019 by nigelgentry

Randa and The Soul KingdomIt’s been seven years since Randa and The Soul Kingdom released their last album. So, it was with anticipation and excitement when we heard that one of Australia’s finest was working on new material.

2048‘ is the result of a podcast Randa listened to in which scientists predicted the demise of our marine life by 2048. So, Randa committed herself to spreading this urgent message. The track fuses elements of middle eastern sounds and afrobeat instrumentation. Coupled with the funk and soul vibes Randa and The Soul Kingdom became so well know for on their first two albums.

“It’s hard getting people to dance to a song based on scientific predictions that by the year 2048 there’ll be no fish in the ocean if we keep going the way we are. It’s always a challenge to talk about serious topics without sounding preachy while still making a song people could dance to.” ~ Randa Khamis

Nominated for a West Australian Music Award this sees the welcome return to form for the pocket rocket from Perth! We can’t wait to hear more material from the forthcoming album.

Listen to ‘2048‘ by Randa and The Soul Kingdom below.

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