Forty Five Day 2020

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May 3, 2020 by nigelgentry

Forty Five Day 2020Forty Five Day (45 Day), is a concept thought up by Criztoz Crizto. The idea being to celebrate the 45 vinyl format by getting 45 DJ’s to perform 45 minute sets using 45’s only. Forty Five Day is to be held on 4 May 2020. All the official Forty Five Day mixes will appear on which will go live on the day.

The response to this initiative has been phenomenal, with the number and quality of mixes being posted on Mixcloud far exceeding expectations.

We’ve created a playlist of some of the 45 Day Mixes that we have been enjoying. We have also posted a few of our favourite mixes below and you can check out the full list on Mixcloud.

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