Gizelle Smith – King of the Mountain


March 15, 2021 by nigelgentry

Gizelle Smith returns with a brand new single, her own unique take on Kate Bush’s “King of the Mountain“. This is the first single released off her third upcoming album “Revealing“, due to be released in a few months.

King of the Mountain” sees the Golden Girl of Funk in a new and interesting direction. The song is set to a laidback, cinematic backdrop. Gizelle’s vocals are unmistakeable and the whole vibe of the track draws you in and you’re hooked. Currently on permanent rotation in the MFML offices. We can’t wait to hear the new album when it drops.

King of the Mountain” is a digital only release and available to download via Gizelle Smith’s Bandcamp page.


Read below about the story behind the recording of “King of the Mountain” taken from Gizelle’s Bandcamp page.

During the first of two recording sessions in 2019, that Gizelle had decided the time was right to record her interpretation of a Kate Bush track. “I wanted to steer away from a soul cover, so the topic of my biggest influences came up…” It was to be a dedication to her beloved father, Joe Smith – former guitarist, musical director and songwriter for the Motown stalwarts, The Four Tops. But sadly and with strange, tragic timing, no sooner had she picked King Of The Mountain to cover, she received news that her father – who lived in Detroit, had passed away. With a second recording session a month away, Gizelle states “I was pretty much emotionless towards music in general and I had lost all sense of direction with my own artistry. My whole identity as a song-writer and musician vanished into the ether with my dad. I had an album worth of songs, which I could no longer access from an emotional point of view, so they had to be rewritten.” It was this life-altering moment that compelled Gizelle to embrace creative growth, by shedding the funk and soul nostalgia attached to her father; to be the fearless song-writer much like the artists she so admires.

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