Jamie and the Numbers release debut album

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January 3, 2022 by Nigel

Jamie and The Numbers - If You Don't Love MeThe debut album from Jamie and the Numbers finally saw the light of day towards the end of last year. The New Zealand-based band had been teasing soul fans world wide with a string of limited edition 45’s.

Having made a huge name for themselves doing cover versions of Northern Soul classics such as “If This is Love (I’d Rather Be Lonely)” originally by The Precisions and “The Magic Touch” by Melba Moore.

Most recently covering “You Don’t Love Me” originally by The Epitome of Sound. The title track of the album. Even working with Robert Paladino (writer/producer) and Mike Paladino (drummer) on this release. Surely the highest of compliments.

Fronted by Tongan/Kiwi soul sensation Jamie Mavusa, the band consists of three brothers and a newly adopted Kiwi originally from Birmingham, England.

Released on Superfly Funk and Soul Records, the album features all of the tracks previously released on 45, they also cover “Shout to the Top” by The Style Council. Taking on such a well loved Paul Weller classic is a brave move, delivering an acoustic version of the track that is pure gold.

They also put their own unique soulful twist to “Boys Don’t Cry” by The Cure. On paper, this really shouldn’t work, but somehow it does. We can see people bopping around to this one like lunatics at gigs and festivals.

Not just a covers band, there are some original compositions on the album too. “Breeze” and “The Fugitive” were both written by the bands very own Simon Bayliss. While Mark Lerwill penned “Stay” , “While I Was Sleeping”, and “Make It Last”. Both extremely talented song writers. Jamie’s exceptional tone and vocal range shines through on all of these tracks (except “The Fugitive” which is an instrumental).

A great album, showcasing a band with a unique take on classic soul music. While demonstrating they can hold their own, with original compositions that will stand the test of time and become future classics themselves.


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