The Best Radio Shows & Podcasts of 2022 …. So Far

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July 9, 2022 by nigelgentry

Best Podcasts and Radio ShowsBack in early 2021 we put out a post about The Best Radio Shows and Podcasts of 2020. We still listen reguarly to each and every one of the shows listed in that article. But since then we have discovered even more great radio shows and podcasts.

So, we thought it was about time we put out a list of all these new discoveries. In no particular order here are some of our favourites.

Colleen ‘Cosmo Murphy’ – Balearic Breakfast
Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy has been a radio host and DJ since the very young age of fourteen. Originally from Massachusetts, she moved to New York where she met and was mentored by David Mancuso, who ran the legendry Loft parties. Colleen now resides in London and hosts several shows. Classic Album Sundays, Cosmodelica and Balearic Breakfast.

We first stumbled across Balearic Breakfast on Twitch during the pandemic and loved it from the off. The show is a en eclectic mix of dowmtempo, chill, jazz, soul, funk, disco, house and beyond, Fuelled by requests from Colleen’s listeners and some requests of her own. A trully excellent show, catch the show live via Worldwide FM and Colleen’s Twitch and Mixcloud Live pages.

When: Tuesdays 10-12 GMT
Listen Live: Website | Mixcloud Live | Twitch
Stream: Website | Mixcloud

Sophie & Nick Corbin – The Big AC Records Show
We are big fans of Sophie and Nick. Sophie is one half of the double decking soul DJ Duo, Noble and Heath. Nick is the former lead singer of New Street Adventure and now runs his own imprint Big AC Records along with Sophie. A powerhouse couple indeed in the world of Soul music.

The monthly show, which is broadcast via The Face Radio is all about new and current release contemporary soul music.

When: Last Monday of the month 1-2PM EST
Listen Live: WebsiteTunein
Download or Stream: Mixcloud | iTunes

Nicki Donohoe – Straight Off The Peg
Nicki Donohoe hosts her Straight Off The Peg show for Barrelhouse Radio every Saturday. Barrelhouse Radio in one of the newer online radio stations. The station features an array of DJ’s spinning a wide range of Soul, Funk, Jazz, Disco and much more.

Nicki is a big fan of Soul and Mod music, she often mixes this up with 90’s Indie and Britpop. A very fun show, Nicki has a no rules policy and often drops the unexpected.

When: Saturday 2-4PM GMT
Listen Live: Website
Download or Stream: Mixcloud

Deb Grant – BBC 6 Music
Deb Grant, previously known under her DJ name of Anne Frankenstein. Decided to start using her real name at the beginning of the year as her DJ profile was increasing. Already a connsumate DJ and record collector, with a regular slot on the UK’s Jazz FM and a very succesful podcast with DJ Eops – What Goes Pod. Deb was invited to sit in for Chris Hawkins on his BBC 6 Music morning show when he’s away.

Now with a few stints under her belt, Deb seems right at home at the BBC. Even if the early starts (4am anyone?) might be tough. We hope she gets offered her own regular show with the BBC soon. But in the meantime you can catch her randomly when Chris is away.

When: Weekday Mornings whenever Chris Hawkings is away | 5-7AM GMT
Listen Live: Website
Download or Stream: BBC Sounds

Kelly-Anne Byrne – The Beats Goes On
The Beat Goes On is hosted by Kelly-Anne Byrne. A massive lover of Disco and Soul music, she plays music from the glory days of Soul, Funk and Disco right througn to the latest releases. A huge fan of Dave Lee / Joey Negro / Doug Lee, it’s not a Kelly-Anne show without a remix or re-edit or two from the prolific producer and DJ with way too many synonyms.

Extremley enthustiastic and knowledgeable about the music she loves. It’s always a joy to tune into her show. Mixed in with the classics and remixes of well known and loved tracks she also always plays something new.

When: Friday 2-4PM EST 
Listen Live: WebsiteTunein
Download or Stream: Mixcloud | iTunes

Bluey from Incognito – Worldwide FM
Bluey, the man behind Incognito, one of the finest bands to come out of the UK’s Acid Jazz scene. Did a series of shows for Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM back in 2020.

Each show centred on a theme. From drums, bass, saxophone, keyboards, music from film and televison, brazilian music, soulful house. The list goes on and on. Bluey not only has an impressive record collection but his knowledge of music is nothing short of encyclopedic.

We’ve been catching up on these shows and a few other shows that feature Bluey. You can check out all the archived shows on this playlist we made – Bluey / Incognito Radio Shows.

Greg Belson – Divine Chord Gospel Show
Greg Belson is one serious record collector. A true crate digger, he has been amassing an enviable collection of previously undiscovered recordings for the last 25 years. The Divine Gospel Show airs on Dublab, a Los Angeles-based community radio station.

Running since 2011, on each and every show you can expect to hear music that you are unlikely to have heard before. Vintage Gospel, Soul and Funk music of the absolute highest order. To say the music Greg spins is rare, is well, a huge understatement. This stuff is super rare and all good!

When: Monthly Saturdays 10AM EST (Check for details)
Listen Live: Website
Download or Stream: Mixcloud

Alena Arpels – Global Soul
Alena Arpels has been amassing her collection of rare groove, soul, funk, disco and jazz-funk records for the past 15 years. Alena is a regular Guest DJ at european soul weekenders and enjoys regular slots at London venues Spiritland and Brilliant Corners.

Alena largley lets the music do the talking on her show, ocassioanlly interupting the music to give details of what she is playing. She has an amazing collection and one of our favourite spinners.

When: Fortnightly Sundays 7PM GMT
Listen Live: Website
Download or Stream: Mixcloud

Wayne Hemingway – If I Was A DJ …
The english fashion designer, Wayne Hemingway has been collecting records for the best part of fifty years. A true music lover, Wayne has been curating DJ sets on his Mixcloud channel for the last couple of years

Each of his sets are based around a musical theme. He has covered Northern Soul, Brazilian, Sunday Afternoon Soul, Rare Groove, Jazz Funk, Balearic, Disco Funk and much more. You get the idea, always great mixes and selections.

Visit Wayne Hemingway’s Mixcloud profile to checkout all of his DJ Mixes.

DJ Cher – Slow Fizz Frequencies

Canada’s DJ Cher presents her Slow Fizz Frequencies show on The Face Radio once a month. We’ve followed Cher for some time now, and love all of her sets on Mixcloud (she even did a mix for our very own guest mix series – check it out here).

A Northern Soul Aficiondo, DJ Cher really knows her music.  With great taste, her show is always a lot of fun. A mix of tunes you may know with some underplayed or lesser known tracks thrown in for good measure.

Cher runs the Slow Fizz clubnight in Toronto, Canada and appears as a Guest DJ at various events and live streams.

When: Second Sunday of the month 10-11AM EST 
Listen Live: Website | Tunein
Download or Stream: Mixcloud | iTunes


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