Izo Fitzroy – God Gets A Little Busy Sometimes

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November 22, 2022 by nigelgentry

God Gets A Little Busy Sometimes is the first single to be released from Izo Fitzroy’s forthcoming album A Good Women. Izo has been hard at work and the new single is the result of a musical partnership with Oscar De Jong of Dutch electronic act Kraak & Smaak.

The album, due for release next year on Jalapeno Records explores life as a single woman in her 30s. Taking on themes such as depression, shame and ralling against convention.

God Gets A Little Busy Sometimes demonstrates Izo’s unique and soulful voice. Simple in it’s construction Izo is backed by a piano and nothing else for the first two minutes. A spine tingling gospel style number. Rosuing and bursting with raw emotion. Then the tune hits a crescendo, with the addition of drums, effects and what almost sounds like the voices of angels. Before briefly returning to the vocal and piano theme and then ending with all guns blazing.

Production prowess courtesy of Oscar De Jong is evident. Although having said that, we should not take anything away from Izo’s incredible song writing. The bare bones are what makes this song incredible.

Download or Stream from your preferred music platform here.


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