My Soulful Life by Adrian Corbin

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November 23, 2022 by nigelgentry

Fans of New Street Adventure, Nick Corbin and Big AC Records will most likely by aware of Adrian Corbin aka The Big AC and Nick Corbin’s dad. Adrian having been the subject of New Street Adventure’s most well known song.

Adrian has been a music lover all his life from collecting pop records to discovering Soul music, becoming a radio presenter and soul DJ. In his book 208 Fabulous Records – My Soulful Life Adrian tells the stories behind the records that have soundtracked his life.

The book costs £20.00 + postage and comes as a 228 page, full colour, soft back book available via the Big AC Records webite.

My Soulful Life by Adrian CorbinMy Soulful Life by Adrian Corbin



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