Tim Carman Trio – Chicken Noodle Man

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April 25, 2023 by nigelgentry

Tim Carman Trio - Chicekn Noodle ManTim Carman, drummer with blues outfit GA-20, brings us the latest offering by his side project Tim Carman Trio. The trio is a hark back to the B3 Hammond Organ Jazz Trios of the sixties. Influenced by jazz legends such as Jimmy Smith, Brother Jack McDuff, Art Blakey and Grant Green. The trio present a raw, no frills sound that is dare we say it … fun!

On Chicken Noodle Man you’re quickly hit with a screaming hammond groove courtesy of keys man Ken Clark. The drummimg from Tim Carman is of course on point as you would expect. The Hammond briefly makes way for some fancy drum fills and more incredible keys work before guitarist Steve Fell lets loose. It’s a groove that could go on for days. This isn’t just for the head-nodding jazz heads, this is boogie-down jazz, reminiscent of those aforementioned legends but with heaps of dancefloor appeal.

Chicken Noodle Man is the first single from the bands forthcoming sophomore album King Comfy and is due for release in July 2023 on F-Spot Recordings.


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