Guest Mixes

The Music for Modern Living Guest DJ Series features mixes from the very best DJ’s the Funk, Soul and Jazz scene has to offer.

Click the DJ’s photos below to listen to their mixes.

001 Ben Gibson
Ben Gibson
002 DJ Mr Lob
DJ Mr Lob
003 Rosco Smith
Rosco Smith
004 Kurtis Powers
Kurtis Powers
005 Kieran Lockyear
Kieran Lockyear
006 Sam Redmore
Sam Redmore
007 Larry Grogan
Larry Grogan
008 Liam Curtin
Image Coming Soon
009 Chaaser
010: Mr Tall & Mr Small
Mr Tall & Mr Small
011: Anne Frankenstein
Anne Frankenstein
012: Dan Austin
Guest Mix 012: Dan Austin
013: Patrick Foisy
Guest Mix 013: Patrick Foisy
014: DJ Honey
Guest Mix 014: DJ Honey
015: Dan Phelan
Guest Mix 015: Dan Phelan aka "The Scorcher"
016: Gail Smith
Guest Mix 016: Gail Smith
017: Matt Ward
Guest Mix 017: Matt Ward
018: Jan Harris
Guest Mix 018: Jan Harris
019 Al the Soulman
019: Al The Soulman
020: Herr Wempe
Guest Mix 020: Herr Wempe
021: Obliveus
Guest Mix 021: Obliveus
022: Darren Sykes
Guest Mix 022: Darren Sykes
023: Stevie Hendry
Guest Mix 023: Stevie Hendry
024: Liza DJ
Guest Mix 024: Liza DJ
025: Pete Brady
Guest Mix 025: Pete Brady
026: Edward Bear
Guest Mix 026: Edward Bear


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