Colemine Records Special

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August 23, 2016 by Nigel

Formed in 2007, Colemine records is the brainchild of Terry Cole. Terry is a high school biology teacher by day and runs Colemine Records in his spare time.

The label’s foundation was something of an accident. When Terry’s friend Louis Rideout had just finished recording his album The City, an extension of the hiphop/funk band Terry and Louis had been in together called Soundscape. They decided they wanted to start selling the album at shows and so Colemine Records was born.

The label now in it’s ninth year is an example of a true labour of love. In Terry’s own words “We’re content to plug away and make soul music the way we think it should be made until people stop wanting to hear us or we’re tired of doing it.” And we hope that Terry and his Colemine Records coherts never get bored of making such amazing music.

On this mix you can expect to hear the very best that Colemine Records has to offer. The mix brings together soul, funk and afrobeat from artists such as Dojo Cuts ft Roxie Ray, Ikebe Shakedown, Monophonics, The Droptones, Orgone and Durand Jones & The Indications to name just a few.

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