New Releases | June 2020

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July 12, 2020 by nigelgentry

June 2020 was another great month for Contemporary Soul and Funk tunes. Our pick of this months releases include new music from Harlem Gospel Travellers, Nick Corbin, DJ Tron, The Devonns, Bahama Soul Club ft Billie Holiday and the debut single from Emma Noble.

Harlem Gospel Travellers – Nothing But His Love
Label: Colemine Records
Released: 26-June-2020

First up this months is “Nothing But His Love” by Harlem Gospel Travellers on Colemine Records. This digital only track was released as part of Colemine’s ‘Brighter Days Ahead’ series. Colemine are releasing a new digital/streaming single from their roster every Friday. The aim is to share new music while looking forward to better days in the future.

“Nothing But His Love” is pure uplifting soulful gospel with some seriously good harmonies. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face and a spring in your step then nothing will.

Listen to the track below and check out the full ‘Brighter Days Ahead’ playlist here.

Nick Corbin – Sweetest Escape
Label: Big AC
Released: 12-June-20

Former New Street Adventure front man Nick Corbin launched his solo debut album entitled “Sweetest Escape”. Released on his own Big AC record label.

We were excited when Nick released “Never Did Look Like Love”, the first single from the album some months ago and the rest of the 11 track album lives up to the quality.

Nick has clearly worked hard on his song writing and has honed the skill. We were big fans of New Street Adventure but the Sweetest Escape really sees Nick’s sound develop and mature.

Listen to the album below or visit Nick’s website to order the CD or Vinyl.

Emma Noble – No Turning Back
Released: 26-June-20

“No Turning Back” is the debut solo single from Emma Noble, one half of the double decking DJ duo, Noble and Heath. We first heard Emma’s vocals back in 2019 on Lack of Afro’s “Jack of All Trades” LP. Emma guested on a track called “Good Love” and we were blown away.

It’s been a long wait to hear Emma’s solo music and if this is anything to go by we can’t wait to hear more. “No Turning Back” has received radio support from Eddie Piller (Totally Wired Radio), Norman Jay MBE (Soho Radio) and Gary Crowley (BBC Radio London).

Listen to “No Turning Back” below.

DJ Tron – Mexico
Label: Burning Sole Records
Released: 01-June-20

DJ Tron’s latest offering is a heavy dose of Mexican Funk, if there is such a thing. “Mexico” is one for the head nodders, the b-boys and the dancers. A cracking tune that as the name the suggests is heavily influenced by Mexican culture.

Totally funky with a solid groove. What can we say, we love it.

Listen and purchase “Mexico” by DJ Tron below.

The Devonns – Blood Red Blues (Protest Song)
Label: Record Kicks
Released: 05-June-20

“Blood Red Blues” is the second single to be taken from The Devonns forthcoming album on Record Kicks.

Mat Ajjarapu, lead singer wrote this song about his frustration with the lack of progress America has made on issues such as the Trayvon Martin case or the Sandy Hook massacre. He said “It’s like everyone here is mad about those things, but no one actually has any power to change them. When I wrote it I had been listening to both Sam Cooke’s and Aretha Franklin’s version of a “A Change is Gonna Come,” as well as “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye. And I remember trying to imagine if Sam Cooke or Marvin Gaye could somehow come back from the dead and see how things had changed in 30 or 40 years, how might they feel? I think they’d probably feel pretty disappointed at a minimum”

Listen and Purchase “Blood Red Blues” by The Devonns below.

Bahama Soul Club ft Billie Holiday – Ain’t Nobody’s Business
Label: Buyu Records
Released: 10-June-2020

The second single to be taken from Germany’s nu-jazz outfit Bahama Soul Club’s forthcoming album is “Ain’t Nobody’s Business” featuring the legendary vocals of Billie Holiday.

Holiday’s vocals were recorded back in 1949 and the band were thrilled to get rights clearance to produce this version. Now seventy years old, Billie Holiday’s voice is perfectly accompanied by the modern latin nujazz sound of Bahama Soul Club.

Listen and Purchase “Ain’t Nobody’s Business” below.

Laura Vane & The Vipertones – Beat Junkie EP
Label: Social Beats
Released: 11-Jun-2020

“Beat Junkie” is the latest single from Laura Vane & The Vipertones. After 3 albums and more than ten years together the band are still going strong. Formed in 2008 after 2 Dutch Funk and Soul DJ’s approached Laura a singer from Brighton, England to produce some music together.

“Beat Junkie” will surely get your feet shuffling. An unusual marriage of Laura’s Soulful vocals paired with a country guitar lick, but it works! Pure dancefloor business.

Listen / Purchase “Beat Junkie” below.

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