The Best Radio Shows and Podcasts of 2020

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February 8, 2021 by nigelgentry

Best Podcasts and Radio Shows of 2020If you are anything like us, during the pandemic and lock down periods then you’ve been listening to even more radio shows and podcasts than normal.

So, we thought that we’d share with you some of our favourite radio shows and podcasts from 2020.

The Rendezvous with Kurtis Powers
If you are a fan of Funk and Soul music then you’d be hard pressed not to be aware of The Rendezvous with Kurtis Powers. The Rendezvous is the flagship show on Kurtis’ very own radio station – The Face Radio. Broadcasting out of Brooklyn in New York City the station hosts a constant 24/7 stream of shows from some of the very best DJ’s from around the world.

On The Rendezvous Kurtis brings an eclectic mix of genres including Northern Soul, Funk, Modern Soul, Disco and contemporary sounds.

When: Sunday from 3–5PM EST / 8–10PM GMT / 6-8AM AEST
Listen Live: Website | Mixcloud Live | Tunein
Download or Stream: Mixcloud | iTunes

Eddie Piller’s Eclectic Soul Show

Eddie Piller needs no introduction. A veteran of the Soul music scene and the man behind Acid Jazz Records. Previously broadcasting his eclectic soul show on Soho Radio he setup a new radio station in early 2019 called Totally Wired Radio.

TWR hosts a constant 24/7 stream of high quality radio shows from some of the best DJ’s and presenters around. As Eddie says ‘soul is a broad church’ and he certainly plays music from across the spectrum.

When: Thursdays 11AM-1PM EST / 4-6PM GMT / 2-4AM AEST
Listen Live: Website | Tunein
Download or Stream: Mixcloud

The Sounds You Hear with DJ Mr Lob
DJ Mr Lob has been stalwart on the Melbourne DJ scene since 1999. A truly eclectic DJ his sets span the genres and can include funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, reggae, afrobeat and latin.

The Sounds You Hear takes that eclectic ethos with Mr Lob blending brand new hip hop releases to classic soul he’s heard for the first time.

When: Thursdays 3-4PM EST / 8-9PM GMT / 7-8AM AEST
Listen Live: Website
Download or Stream: Mixcloud

Good Times at Home with Norman Jay
During the pandemic the legendary Mr Norman Jay (MBE) has been broadcasting his Good Times show for Soho Radio from home. With his vast record collection to hand he spins a discerning selection of Soul, Funk, Rare Groove, Disco and more.

When: Sunday 2-5PM EST / 7-10PM GMT / 6-9AM AEST
Listen Live: Website
Download or Stream: Mixcloud

The Mixed Grill with Jeff The Fish

The Mixed Grill with DJ Jeff The Fish is a weekly genre hopping journey through music both old and new. Jeff is a true music lover and the show covers soul, funk, jazz, afrobeat, hiphop and much much more. On every show Jeff says he doesn’t expect listeners to like everything he plays. So, he suggests if you don’t like a particular tune then go and make a cup of tea cause by the time you come back he’ll be playing something completely different!

He has a passion for introducing the listener to something new or something they might not normally have listened to. He encourages DJ’s, Producers and Bands to send him their music and if he likes it, he’ll play it. A true gent and one hell of a good show! As Jeff says … Music is our food!!

When: Sunday 7-9PM EST / 12-2AM GMT / 11AM-1PM AEST
Listen Live: Website
Download or Stream: Mixcloud

Andy Crofts Night Train

Andy Crofts is best known as the singer of UK band The Moons and also bassist for the legendry Mr Paul Weller. Andy hosts a weekly show for Boogaloo Radio called Andy Crofts Night Train. On the show Andy plays an eclectic mix of sixties, soul, rock n roll, psychedelia, garage rock, jazz, blues, indie and more.

Andy’s love of all styles of music shines through, we love he’s ramblings and have been introduced to so much great music we might not have heard otherwise. We are big big fans!

Boogaloo Radio is the world’s 1st radio station, broadcasting 24/7 from a pub.

When: Thursday 3-5PM EST / 8-10PM GMT / 7-9AM AEST
Listen Live: Website
Download or Stream: Mixcloud

The Low End Theory with Obliveus and Shan Frenzie

DJ’s Obliveus (Melbourne) and Shan Frenzie (Sydney) host The Low End Theory on Base FM (New Zealand).

Although he lives in Melbourne, Obliveus is originally from California and is well known for his epic sets that can take in everything from funk, hip hop, reggae, northern soul, dancehall, disco, edits, rock to pop. Shan Frenzie is a veteran of the Australian DJ circuit and with 25 years of DJ experience he knows a thing or two about mixing records.

The Low End Theory sees Obliveus and Shan produce a well put together and thought out radio show / podcast. Episodes focus on a tribute to a particular DJ or Producer, check out the recent tribute to Phil Asher who sadly passed away recently. Or feature interviews with DJ’s and Producers they are fans of, recent shows featuring Flevans and Marc Hype + Naughty NMX are both worth checking out.

When: Thursday 10AM-12PM NZ / EST 4-6PM / 9-11PM GMT / 8-10AM AEST
Listen Live: Website
Download or Stream: Mixcloud

Good Vibes with Martin Kovacic
Good Vibes is a weekly dose of Soul, Funk and Jazz hosted by Martin Kovacic. No chat or banter on this one, Martin just lets the music speak for itself.

This show has become essential listening and often introduces music that is new to these ears.

When: Weekly on Mixcloud
Download or Stream: Mixcloud

Superfly Funk and Soul Show with Pete Brady
The Superfly Funk and Soul Show hosted by Pete Brady comes from Belfast, Ireland via The Face Radio in Brooklyn, NYC. Pete is a huge music lover, spinning new release funk and soul to classics and is always a great show.

He’s just launched his own record label – Superfly Funk and Soul Records. Check out the first release by The Organauts if you haven’t already! He also has a range of Soul and Mod influenced T-shirts.

When: Tuesdays 4-6PM EST / 9-11PM GMT / 8-10AM AEST
Listen Live: Website
Download or Stream: Mixcloud

Girls in the Groove with DJ Honey
DJ Honey is one of our absolute favourite DJ’s. Originally hailing from Australia she now resides in Singapore. DJ Honey plays raucous mix of Soul and R&B music from the fifties through to the seventies. A 100% Vinyl 45’s DJ she heavily focuses on the music of ‘femme fatales, cool girl groups and inspirational women who wear their hearts on their sleeves‘.

A real crate digger and finder of the rare, obscure and lesser known. There’s always something new to discover on episodes of Girls in the Groove.

When: Monthly check the schedule on the Soho Radio website
Listen Live: Website
Download or Stream: Mixcloud

Work Your Soul with Gail Smith
Another of our favourite DJ’s focusing on Sixties Soul, R&B and Northern Soul has got to be the one and only Gail Smith. Along with her husband Mick they have one of the biggest collections of rare soul 45’s certainly in Australia.

Work Your Soul is always an education in Rare Soul and R&B, Gail certainly knows her music! We always look forward to the Micks Pick section of the show where Gail’s husband selects a 45. Almost always something we haven’t heard before.

When: First Sunday of the month 9-10PM EST / 2-3AM GMT / 1-2PM AEST
Listen Live: Website

Download or Stream: Mixcloud | iTunes

What Goes Around with Anne and Eamon
The What Goes Around Podcast is hosted by DJ’s Anne Frankenstein (Jazz FM) and Eamon Murtagh (DJ EOPS). The idea behind this Podcast is that it is more about music lovers than music makers. Taking a fresh and entertaining look at the world of music from a fan’s point of view.

Each episode features a guest who takes us through their ‘Phonographic Memories’. Guests have included Jo Wallace, Soweto Kinch, Labi Siffre and Craig Charles. But one of the funniest things we have heard in a while was the first episode with reggae don Wrongtom.

Anne and Eamon are clearly good friends, we love their friendly banter and DJ rivalry. They are currently working on Series 2 and we can’t wait to hear what they have in store for us!

Download or Stream: iTunes | Spotify

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